• Tips for designing the best kitchen to suit your needs.
  • Getting a new kitchen can be an exciting but also daunting prospect. So many options, so many choices. So how do you get the best kitchen to suit your needs? Firstly, start off with looking at the space you have as a blank canvas. Imagine all the cupboards and appliances gone and it is an… Read More »

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  • Kitchens – Traditional or Modern?
  • There are always so many questions when it comes to kitchen design but one of the most debated is Modern or Traditional? Which is right for you? Modern by its definition means “now”, the “in thing”, in a kitchen this can mean clean lines, light, minimalistic and sleek.  The palette would be fresh, unadulterated, and… Read More »

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  • Have you ever thought about a custom designed office?
  • What does a custom designed study mean? Most people think of customer designed built in furniture as just wardrobes (yes, we do those too!) and cupboards, but did you know you can have a room like a home office fitted with custom designed furniture? A custom designed office or even a specialist design for a… Read More »