Kitchens – Traditional or Modern?

    There are always so many questions when it comes to kitchen design but one of the most debated is Modern or Traditional?

    Which is right for you?

    Modern by its definition means “now”, the “in thing”, in a kitchen this can mean clean lines, light, minimalistic and sleek.  The palette would be fresh, unadulterated, and limited, with only hints of colour, with white being the popular choice.  With a modern kitchen you are free to express your individuality through your choice of appliances and well-placed personal décor.  The lines of a modern contemporary kitchen are unfettered and uncluttered and polished.

    This style can suit many homes especially the more modern ones. This type of kitchen design can be favoured by people who have a busy lifestyle and want something that is easy to clean and maintain.  The less clutter on the benchtops and countertops the easier it is to clean.  Having a well-planned kitchen that is designed especially for your needs can ensure that there is “a place for everything and everything is in its place”.

    The draw back to a modern kitchen can be that the look may date quicker than that of a more traditional kitchen.  With the average kitchen renovation being done every 10 years the debate is whether you will be happy to keep the design for that long or refresh with the next latest style.

    The minimalistic look can also be seen as too stark and too clinical for some, so what are the alternatives?  Is a traditional kitchen the way to go?

    Traditional or classical kitchens have a more natural and warmer aesthetic.  The use of timber and stone can give the traditional kitchen a more inviting feeling than the clean lines and starkness of the contemporary design.  The traditional kitchen can feature more moulded and detailed lines in both the cupboard doors, cabinetry, and benchtops.  The use of timber can add warmth to the kitchen and if sustainable timber is used the bonus of feeling good about your choice.

    The traditional or classic kitchen may be the choice if you have a more relaxed or casual lifestyle.  It might also be the choice for families who want to stay with the more traditional look in their long-term home.  A consideration of the type of house or apartment you live in may also be a factor in choosing whether a more traditional style kitchen will suit.

    So, which is right for me?

    There are several questions that you will need to ask yourself before you embark on renovating or planning your kitchen. Are you staying in the house or just renewing before selling? What is your budget? What would go with the style of your home? What is your personal taste and style?

    We can help. We can a design the kitchen that will suit your budget and style.  Call us today!