Tips for designing the best kitchen to suit your needs.

    Getting a new kitchen can be an exciting but also daunting prospect. So many options, so many choices.

    So how do you get the best kitchen to suit your needs?

    Firstly, start off with looking at the space you have as a blank canvas. Imagine all the cupboards and appliances gone and it is an empty space. Now what would you like to see there? Do not worry too much about the colours or the style yet, just imagine how you would like to see it flow. Do you need an island benchtop, a walk-in pantry? Are you going to be eating in the kitchen? Would it be better if the stove were in a certain position or the dishwasher? Just let yourself really imagine what you want and how best it would suit your routine. Now make sure you take notes of what you have come up with. Do this straight away while it is still fresh in your mind. Keep a scrapbook/journal and jot down all the things you like, need and want.

    Next step is to establish the style and look you want for your kitchen. This can be the hardest thing for people to do. There are so many styles, colours textures to choose from. So, the best thing to do is to just look until you find something that you like. Check out magazines, friends’ homes, and open houses. Come and see our showroom. Do your homework. Where possible take photos of the benches, cupboards, and any other features that you like. Establish what sort of benchtop you like, and what would be practical with your needs. What style of cupboard doors you like, what colours you like, the material etc. It is important to note that even if your favourite colour is bright green, that does not necessarily mean that this will translate into a good kitchen design. You must also be practical with your thoughts and ideas. You may have to think about the resale value of your home and whilst a bright green kitchen may be your idea of perfect it may not be an attractive option for all. If you want to add colour you can always accessorise! Again, remember to put all your ideas, pictures, and thoughts into your scrapbook/journal.

    An important note to remember is also to look at the tiles, splashbacks, door handle, lighting, and flooring. These are the design details that make a lot of different to the overall look and feel of a kitchen. Most people do not pay them much attention. The focus is usually on the look of the benchtops and cupboard doors, but tiles, door handles, splashbacks, lighting, and flooring are vital to get the perfect look and feel.

    Call us at MS Kitchens and make an appointment. Bring your scrapbook/journal and show us your vision. Our experienced designers can guide you through the process. We have 25 years’ experience in the Canberra joinery industry and incorporate eco-focused practices. This makes us experts in making peoples dream kitchens a reality. Call us today on (02) 6241 4119.