Breakfast Bar or not? – Kitchen Design Tips

    Which kitchen design would suit you and your needs?

    There is always a lot of talk about island benchtops and breakfast bars.  How functional are they ? Many designers say they can become the centre of the home but how would you know if it’s going to suit your needs?

    You need to ask yourself what are you going to be using it for? There are so many different options and one of the most popular is the island benchtop with a breakfast bar.

    Are you going to use your benchtop as a breakfast bar, or a table to have your lunch or dinner? If the answer is yes, then maybe an Island benchtop with breakfast bar is for you.  A benchtop can be designed to make enough room to accommodate the whole family be that large or small.  This option can be great for people who don’t want or don’t have enough room for a separate table and chairs.

    Many families with older kids choose the option of a breakfast bar in their kitchen design as it is easier to clean up if the family is eating in the kitchen. The breakfast bar is also a firm favourite with professional couples or singles who can prepare and eat without leaving the kitchen.

    The island benchtop with breakfast bar may not necessarily be a great option for families with small children as it can be hazardous for them to navigate high stools and the stools can become a falling hazard. If you have children make sure you look at all the options to ensure it is as safe as possible without losing any of its practicality.   You may want to get a breakfast bar designed into the kitchen but only buy the stools when your kids are grown up enough to use them safely.  Or you may just get the kitchen designed and refurbished when your children are older.

    Practical Stools are a must!

    Stools can be a difficult item to choose, terrible and expensive if you get the wrong ones.  Make sure they are functional and practical.  If you buy ones with backs on make sure they are going to fit under the benchtop or sit neatly, you don’t want to be tripping over them or having to dodge them every time you use your kitchen.   Make sure you measure them before buying them, this means width as well as height.  It would be frightful to find you can only fit 3 stools when you need 4! If you choose swivel ones make sure they don’t crash into the benchtop or have the ability to trap fingers! Ouch!

    For the last words on Breakfast Bars, they are a great option if you are the type of people who love to cook and entertain. You can have your friends and family sitting comfortably and chatting to you whilst you do.  On another more practical note they can be great for busy families who need to cook the dinner and help with the homework!

    Whatever you think you need, want or dream for your kitchen call us today and let us make it real for you!