Eco-friendly and sustainable kitchens and cabinetry

    There is huge call from the community for more environmentally friendly and sustainable products.  This also carries through to joinery and cabinetry.

    The idea that your kitchen, bathroom, study, or laundry can be designed with the best practices and use environmentally friendly products makes many clients confident they have chosen the right option.  The idea that these are obtained from sustainable sources can add an extra warm glow of responsibility.

    At M & S Kitchens we are passionate about giving our clients the best and making sure that we help with products that are good for the earth and good for you.

    We are cabinet makers and joiners; our business has been around for over 25 years.  We have seen the changing and evolving market.   We understand and take seriously the concerns of our clients who want to engage with a business that uses toxin-free and sustainable business practice.  We know that in today’s changing world where there are constant demands for better and more sustainable products, we are always looking to use best practices and keep up to date.

    What does it mean by toxin-free?

    There are many different mediums that can be used for making cabinetry and benchtops. Many benchtops, and cabinetry are made with products like laminated MDF. MDF is a medium density moisture resistant board cover that can be used with a laminated surface for use in a kitchen or laundry. The MDF board is made of shredded wood, compressed, and glued, resin may also be used.  There are many debates as to the risks and sustainability of the products and consumers who have sensitivities to certain chemical products like formaldehyde may be urged to look for other more natural products.  We understand this, and can help design a kitchen, study, laundry, or any other cabinetry work with products that ensure you are getting a safe and sustainable result.

    We have the expertise and the knowledge to make sure you get the outcomes you want. Living with a sustainably sourced kitchen, study, laundry, or cabinetry can enhance not only your home but also ensure you have a sustainable footprint too.

    Ask us how we can help you with your specific requirements.  Call us today, let us help you to a healthier future.