Have you ever thought about a custom designed office?

    What does a custom designed study mean?

    Most people think of customer designed built in furniture as just wardrobes (yes, we do those too!) and cupboards, but did you know you can have a room like a home office fitted with custom designed furniture?

    A custom designed office or even a specialist design for a hobby or home business might be just what you need to finish off your home.

    Many of us just look at the kitchen as being a place where cabinetry and joinery can come into its element.  This is not true in today’s environment where more and more work is being done from home.  It makes sense to have what you need to make working or studying from home as comfortable as possible.

    Imagine having an office, study room or hobby room that has everything custom designed to make your life easier.  You can have it designed to suit ALL your needs, to be as practical as possible but also a beautiful place to work or study or play.

    What about a custom designed hobby room?

    So, let’s look at some of the questions that you need to ask yourself to make sure you get everything you want designed into your room. Here are some starter questions to get you thinking about what you may need for your home office, study, or hobby room.

    What will you be doing in this room?

    What about a built-in desk and bench space?

    • You may want bench space for a couple of desks or study areas.
    • Do you need a lot of benchtop space for your hobby?
    • Are you going to need bench space for more than one computer? a desktop and laptop, printers etc.?



    You may need to have room for books, files etc. to be stored.

    • How many do you think you will need to be stored and what types?
    • Do you want or require open shelves?
    • Do you want or require closed cupboards?
    • Do you want to display items, collectables etc?
    • Do you need a cupboard in which you can put a safe?

    There are limitless options and designing a room that shows your personality, is functional and beautiful is our speciality.  We have many years in the joinery industry, and can custom make a magical space for you.

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